Friday, August 10, 2012

Sexual Conquests 33-48

(See The List for introduction and explanation) (Click to zoom)

Casanova is no longer Casanova; he is now Prince Charming. Well, at least according to Forty-One he is. He conquered the much coveted threesome (well, foursome - but by the looks of it, the fatty just watched). Finally. Took him long enough. Speaking of long, he was sure to mention his "huge dick" again (Thirty-Five). We get it, asshole, you're God's gift to women (isn't he, though?).

If only the luck in his pants extended to Forty-Three. Perhaps we shouldn't feel sorry for the "girlfriend," though. He did say he "loves" her, right? That's really all a girl can ask for. Well, that, and for him to wrap it up with all the other whores ladies he runs through. I sure hope he's careful - you know what they say: those who pull out during sex as a method of birth control - there's a name for those people - parents. And let's be realistic, I'm sure he has some kiddos running the streets somewhere in the world. At the rate he's going, I'm sure he has  enough for a CYO basketball team (just assuming he's Catholic - he sounds it, no?). I'll be sure to send him a Father's Day card next year, and might include a link to this blog.

This group is rather diverse -  a Canadian, a Russian, a German, a "half-black, half-mexican [sic]." He surely maintains the anti-discrimination all-list-long.  He makes me want to start mixing things up.  Historically, I've always wanted blonde mistakes babies, but perhaps I'll take Prince Charming's route and expand my search. I will, however, steer clear of koala's (Thirty-Nine). I've never much trusted bears - there's a reason they're affiliated with pedophilia.  

I'm glad I was able to work pedophilia in there. Sorry, I'm not sorry, and neither is Casanova Prince Charming.

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