Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Girls, Avoid These Guys (Continued)

(Supplement to Girls, Avoid These Guys)

What your name says about you, gentlemen (more so - Who to avoid, ladies):

Jason: [Origin: Greek - Healer] Carefully disassembling every toy in your youth resulted in a successful career in medicine.  You are the greatest in your professional field but a recluse in your personal life due to an absence of socializing in your formidable years.  You concentrate so intensely on convincing a date to accompany you back to your apartment that you completely forget to hide your collection of surgically removed foreign objects.  The date (only having agreed to go out with you to appease a mother's constant disapproval) enters your home, surveys the countless number of murky liquid-filled jars, and makes a run for it.  Not to worry - you quickly capture the fleeing victim and inject an immobilizing serum.  You got one.     
Justin: [Origin: Latin - Just or True] You always tell the truth no matter the consequence.  Sadly, you cannot expect the same from others.  Many will lie to you, and most of those liars will be women.  Keep in mind they are doing it to spare your feelings.  At least you can revel in your rare and coveted ability to be punintential with your name as often as you find amusing. "This Just-in: My dick!" "I pulled out Just-in the nick of time!" "Just-in case you finish first, I don't mind fellatio!" It's unfortunate that you will never follow through on the latter, however, because your sexual prowess is, in the kindest terms, lacking. Just-in case you finally figure out how to bring a woman to orgasm, give me a call - no lying necessary.

Matthew: [Origin: Hebrew - Gift of God] Even though your parents didn't plan for you and your mother's desperate wish for her monthly gift failed to come, they still refer to you as their little gift.  Even after their hate-fueled divorce.  Just because your father went on to start a completely new family and no longer takes your calls, doesn't mean you're less of a gift.  You're the gift that keeps on giving. Just like your herpes.  Of course, it upset you at first, but things are looking much better - Valtrex approached you to headline their awareness tour, "Matthew: Gifted for life. Can't keep me down." Are the flare-ups less frequent now that you're a hundred-thousandnaire?  Does poppa take your calls now?  I'm sure you'll be happily married sans prenup in no time.

Michael: [Origin: Hebrew - Who is like God]  Your parents, having superior genetics themselves, were not concerned with building a family as much as they were with breeding god-like beings. As such, you were created. Because your svelte physique and modelesque features make you so desirable, it's like Easter every day with girls dropping eggs following each glance in your direction. Unfortunately, many of the girls with comparative genetics are either related to you or have stopped following you on Instagram due to your excessive post workout gym selfies.  Duckface selfies should be limited to two a week - max.  How will you continue your family's legacy if you are slowly evolving into a cold-blooded-fly-south-for-the-winter douchebag?  Figure it out, demigod.

Ryan: [Origin: Irish - Little King] It is much too unfortunate that "little" is the operative word here.  However, you've never let that stop you.  You wore your prom king crown to every party in college, attributing to a few more vertical inches.  Too bad it couldn't approve another set of combined inches.  OK, so you have come to the realization that the fraternity letters tattoo was a mistake, but at least all those girls you roofied slept with while fratting around college will never be forgotten.  Now you're the "King of the Force" having become an officer of the law to make up for all of your shortcomings.  A career of making better men cower to your authority becomes you.  Stop hitting your wife.  

Sean: [Origin: Irish - God is gracious] Your abs are gracious, as are your grandparents for letting you live in their garage. All of the money you save on rent goes into your body. There isn’t enough protein on the planet to meet your needs, and it shows. You spend too much time in the gym to get a regular job, so you have opted for gym guru by day, club promoter by night. You love staying up late at the club, not because of the booze – you don’t pollute your body with such filth – because it allows you to maintain your eating-every-three-hours schedule. You die a young death because you forgo a spotter early one morning. Should’ve lived a little.

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